Aileen Bryant was born in Australia, raised on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, and spent her final years working on music in Los Angeles. She chose to leave our world as the peonies blossomed during the saddest spring of 2019. This is a collection of her music created between 2016 and 2019.

Her post-mortem album, “Silk of Three,” was forged in collaboration with her closest kin and delicately mastered by Josh Stevenson. The music she created should be heard as sirens. The depth of ethereality, the relativity of Escher’s staircase, the notching of a trilobite, the way a palm fans outwards; all layered, spinning in perfect harmony. Aileen was a self-taught master of vocal percussion. She created complicated vocal melodies, harmonized beyond the capacity of a colony of starlings, engaging the audience in long, leading notes filled by her lungs and exhaled with precision and care.

Aileen’s inspirations included:

Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, Sinéad O’Connor, Diamonda Galás, Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush, David Bowie, Karen Dalton, Linda Perhacs, Phillip Glass, Sleep, and Jacques Brel.

Each piece explores the sublimity of the natural world, longingness, patriarchy fatigue, and the invisible fabric of the cosmos. She was the Lady of Shalott visiting from the ancient future, forming a charmed web of sound only audible through a cracked mirror. This collection is an expression of Aileen’s soul. A human soundscape we can all understand.

Innessa Roosen